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Letting go or Getting over
I had another dream today about my brother. The dream was strange. There were two other men who were from my family in it. My cousin Fito and another cousin (I think), but I can't remember who he is all I remember is that he looked like a famous actor. I was trying to talk to them and then i didn't want to talk to them anymore. I decided that I would talk to my brother. I wanted to know what he thought about something so badly that i was overwhelmed with the need to speak to him. I saw him in my dream. I was about to speak to him and woke up overwhelmed with grief. Because I know that I can't speak to him. I began to cry as badly as when he first died.

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I agree with szsrhands here. You can ask him questions. He has to answer you in different ways than you used to use. You can tell him stuff too. Write him a letter. And then read it aloud to him. According to my "psychic" friends they get stuff easier when it's aloud.

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